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Maxis Impact (BRUKER)Sr no.282001.0008
The Bruker maXis Impact is excellent in molecular mass analysis of both known and unknown compound. Machine can provide one step qualitative and quantitative data in a single rapid analysis.
• Sub-ppm mass accuracy and 40,000 full sensitivity resolution. • Extreme sensitivity across the entire mass Range from very small molecules to intact proteins. • High speed MS/MS capabilities with full U-HPLC compatibility. • Simultaneous analysis of major and trace sample components. • Isotopic fidelity for definitive molecular formulae determination. • Robust and easy to operate system. • Certainty in identification in combination with Smart Formula 3DTM – unequivocal formula generation with superb mass accuracy. • Better than 0.8ppm Mass accuracy.
Available mode of use: 

ESI +ve and –Ve
ApcI +ve and – Ve


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