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It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, to participate in the eighth edition of Asia-Pacific Conference of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (APCTCC 8), from 15th to 17th of December, 2017. Over the years, theory and computation in chemistry has witnessed impressive growth and acceptance. We hope to create an international platform to discuss the current advances in this field through APCTCC 8. We aspire to bring together an outstanding group of scientists in this meeting. Cutting edge research in various fields encompassing theory, computation, simulation and dynamics, drug discovery, material science and nanotechnology, particularly from the Asia-Pacific region will be on display under one roof. Continuing the legacy of seven previous editions of APCTCC, we hope to fulfill the high expectations of the scientific community. With your participation, we wish to elevate this conference to even greater heights. We promise an enriching experience through APCTCC 8 which will be organised on our serene and green campus located amidst the bustling city of Mumbai.

We heartily welcome you to Aamchi Mumbai (Our Mumbai)

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