Research Interests

Our research program at IIT Bombay revolves mainly around organic synthesis.

Currently, our group is engaged in two types of research projects, which are directed toward the synthesis of pharmacologically active natural products.

They are:

  • Design and develop new strategies for the synthesis of complex natural products which are of medicinal and biological interest and

  • To develop new efficient methodologies/strategies for the syntheses of natural product like molecules (analogues/hybrid molecules of natural products) that will allow us to learn more about the biological processes with which they interfere.

[ Completed Natural Products ]

Angucycline antibiotics:


Calystegine analogues


5,7,5-fused ring system, present in thapsigargins

[ Natural Product like Molecules ]

Sugar-Oxasteroid-Quinone Hybrids

C-Aryl Glycosides

Spiro C-Aryl Glycosides

Synthesis of combination of C-aryl and spiro-C-aryl glycoside scaffolds

New Class of Bicyclic Lactams



[ Current projects ]

Enigmazole ADictyostatin