to International Conference on Molecular Matter -
Emerging Directions for Sustainability

16-18 December 2023
IIT Madras

Conference venue: IC & SR Auditorium, IIT Madras

This International Conference on Molecular Matter (ICMM) will be held during December 16-18, 2023 at Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India. This conference aims to bring together some of the world leaders in the domain of molecular materials to forge synergistic collaborations for fostering scientific solutions for sustainability. The critical role of functional molecular materials in tackling global challenges in environment, water, energy and health will be the broader theme of this conference. The conference aims to cover topics such as :
  1. Deriving structure-property-function correlation of molecular materials, through rational design principles guided and complemented by computational approaches.

  2. Physicochemical, optical, and electrochemical properties for sensing, biological application, water purification, green energy, devices, and environmental remediation.

  3. Molecular materials such as atomically precise metal nanoclusters, semiconductor nanoclusters, framework materials (MOFs and COFs), polyoxometalates and carbon-based molecular structures.
An audience of over 200 participants, including graduate students and well-known researchers from various parts of the world are expected to participate in this international event. There will also be the participation of start-ups and established businesses.

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