"Anybody who has been seriously engaged in scientific work of any kind realizes that over the entrance to the gates of the temple of science are written the words: 'You must have faith.'"


(Past and Present)

Prof. A. Chaudhury

Mechanical Engineering, IIT Bombay
Email-id : arindra@iitb.ac.in
Prof. E. N. da Silva JĂșnior

Institute of Exact Sciences, Department of Chemistry, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Email-id : eufranio@ufmg.br
Dr. E. Doris

CEA Saclay, France
Email-id : eric.doris@cea.fr
Dr. B. Ganguly

CSMCRI, Bhavnagar, Gujarat
Email-id : ganguly@csmcri.org
Dr. A. Z. Halimehjani

Department of Chemistry, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran
Email-id : ziyaei@khu.ac.ir
Prof I. Ibnusaud

Former Director, IIRBS, MG University, Kerala
Email-id : i.ibnusaud@gmail.com
Dr. P. Kempaiah

Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Email-id : Kempaiah.Prakasha@mayo.edu
Prof. N. Kumbhakarna

Mechanical Engineering, IIT Bombay
Email-id : neeraj_k@iitb.ac.in
Dr. M. Majeed

Founder of Sabinsa Corporation, New Jersey.
Email-id : -
Prof. S. K. Maji

School of Biosciences and Bioengineering, IIT Bombay
Email-id : samirmaji@iitb.ac.in
Dr. B. Manjunath

Director, R & D at Syngenta Biosciences pvt Ltd, Goa
Email-id : bhanu.manjunath@syngenta.com
Prof. R. J. Mascarenhas

St Joseph's college, Bangalore
Email-id : ronaldmasc2311@yahoo.co.in
Dr. I. I. Mathews

SSRL SMB Crystallography, Stanford University
Email-id : iimathew@slac.stanford.edu
Dr. S. M. Mobin

Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction Facility, Sophisticated Instrumentation Centre, School of Basic Sciences, IIT Indore
Email-id : xray@iiti.ac.in
Prof. Naresh Kumar

Department of Chemistry, Univ. of New South Wales, Australia.
Email-id : n.kumar@unsw.edu.au
Dr. K. N. Ninan

Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Thiruvananthapuram
Email-id : knninan@iist.ac.in
Prof. D. Panda

School of Biosciences and Bioengineering, IIT Bombay
Email-id : panda@iitb.ac.in
Prof. G. Patchornik

Department of Biological Chemistry, Ariel University Center of Samaria, Ariel, Israel
Email-id : guyp@ariel.ac.il
Dr. J. Ramiya

Chiral Management, USA
Email-id : jramiya@chiralmanagement.com