Current Group Members



Institute Postdoctoral Fellows


Dr. Sargam Rajput


Education: PhD 2019

                      Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat




Research Interest: Research Interest: Synthesis of Greener Ionic Liquids, Interaction and stability of protein with ionic liquids.




PhD Students


Amruta Joshi



                      M Sc (2016): Bioanalytical Sciences

                      K.V.P. college, Mumbai University, Vashi





Research Interest: Protein Interactions.




                      M Sc (2018): Chemistry

                      IIT Delhi





Research Interest: Protein-Ligand Binding, Fibrillation and Drug Transport Abilities.


Madhuri Thorve


                      M Sc (2016): Bioanalytical Sciences

                      Birla College, Kalyan





Research Interest: Thermodynamics of Drug Delivery Systems, Biomolecular Interactions


Anu Jain


                      M Sc (2019): Chemistry

                      Govt. Dungar College, Bikaner, Rajasthan





Research Interest: Biophysical Aspects of Biomolecular Recognition, Drug Encapsulation and Drug Delivery


Harpreet Kaur


                      M Sc (2020): Biotechnology

                      Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi





Research Interest: Nanobiotechnology, Targeted drug delivery, Thermodynamics of protein-protein interactions, and Cell biology


Catherine Healthina Pasangha


                      M Sc (2021): Chemistry

                      NIT Calicut, Kerala





Research Interest: Unravelling biomolecular interactions via biophysical approach: Implications in rational drug design and neurodegenerative diseases


                                            PhD Alumni


Dr. B. Sabulal (PhD 1997)

Thesis Title "Thermal denaturation of hen egg white lysozyme and bovine alpha-lactalbumin in colsutes/cosolvents of mixed hydrophobic-hydrophilic character: A defferentail scanning calorimetry."

Dr. Ranjana (PhD 2000)

Thesis Title "Interactions of cytochrome C and ribonuclease A with some aqueous alcohol solutions: A thermodynamic study."

Dr. Agnita Kundu (PhD 2003)

Thesis Title "A calorimetric and spectroscopic study on the thermal unfolding of some proteins and their interactions with cosolvents."

Dr. Karunakar Kar (PhD 2004)

Thesis Title "Biophysical studies on the interactions of some ions and cosolvents/cosolutes with proteins."

Dr. Manoj Munde (PhD 2005)

Thesis Title "A calorimetric and spectroscopic approach to understand protein folding and protein solvent interaction."

Dr. Tuhina Banerjee (PhD 2005)

Thesis Title "Protein-solvent interactions and molten glouble intermediates: A biophysical approach."

Dr. Sreelekha K Singh (PhD 2006)

Thesis Title "Thermal unfolding, conformational characterization and interaction of some proteins with solvent environment and drugs in a aqueous solutions."

Dr. Bairagi C Mallick (PhD 2007)

Thesis Title "Biophysical approach to understand protein-solvent interactions and protein-ligand binding."

Dr. Ruchika Sharma (PhD 2008)

Thesis Title "Protein-ligand adn protein-solvent interactions in biologically important systems: A biophysical approach."

Dr. Niki Sweta Jha (PhD 2010)

Thesis Title "Interaction of some drugs and biologically important solvents/cosolutes with globular proteins: Energetics and conformation studies."

Dr. Neelam Keswani (PhD 2011)

Thesis Title "Energetics and conformational insights into solvent and ligand binding effects on biologically important macromolecules: Proteins and DNA."

Dr. Anu Aravind Thoppil (PhD 2012)

Thesis Title "Biophysical studies on protein-ligand binding and protein-solvent interactions."


Dr. Pinaki P Misra (PhD 2012)

Thesis Title "Biophysical studies on protein folding, intermediates and biomolecular interactions."

Dr. Sinjan Choudhary (PhD 2012)

Thesis Title "Biophysical stuides on drug-protein interactions, protein folding intermediates and protein-solvent interactions."

Dr. Narendra Kumar (PhD 2014)

Thesis Title "Physical Chemistry Underlying Bio-molecular Interactions: Proteins, Solvents, and Ligands."

Dr. Paurnima Talele (PhD 2016)

Thesis Title "Biophysical Characterization of Protein-Solvent and Drug-Protein Interactions"


Dr. Anju Arya (PhD 2017)

Thesis Title "Biophysical analysis of intermolecular interactions among osmolytes, surfactants and protein"


Dr. Moumita Dasgupta (PhD 2017)

Biophysical Characterization of Protein Folding Intermediates, Inhibition of Protein Aggregation, Drug Partitioning in Surfactant Micellar Media and Niosome Vesicles"


Dr. Achal Mukhija (PhD 2019)

Unravelling Physical Chemistry Underlying Biologically Important Interactions: Drug Partitioning in Micellar Media, Prevention of Protein Fibrillation and Interaction of Some Anticancer Drugs and DNA with HSA Coated Gold Nanoclusters"


Dr. Rajeshree Amit Shinde (PhD 2019)

Physico-Chemical Properties of Amino Acids in Aqueous Solutions and Their Synergistic Effects on Protein Stability


Dr. Eva Judy (PhD 2021)

Biophysical Insights Into Drug Encapsulation and Release from Self-Assemblies, Protein Folding Intermediates, Stabilization and Prevention of Aggregation/Fibrillation


Dr. Pooja Prasanthan (PhD 2021)

Unraveling Bimolecular Interactions Important in Protein Recognition and Prevention of Its Aggregation: Biophysical Approach


Dr. Ritutama Ghosh (PhD 2021)

Mechanistic Insights into Prevention of Protein Fibrillation, Solvent Effect and Drug Delivery Aspects of Glycated Protein


Dr. Pooja Meena (PhD 2021)

Biophysical Chemistry of Biomolecular Interactions of Proteins and Nucleic Acid