Dr. Arindam Chowdhury

    Associate Professor

    Department of Chemistry

    Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

    Powai, Mumbai 400076

    Ph:   022-2576 7154

    Fax:  022-2576 7152

    Email: arindam[at]chem.iitb.ac.in

    Group Webpage


Academic Background

Ph.D.(Chemistry) (Carnegie Mellon University, 2003)

M.Sc.(Chemistry) (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur)

B.Sc. (Chemistry) (University of Calcutta)

2005-2006: Post-Doctoral Research Scientist, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, Columbia University Medical Center

2003-2005: Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Department of Chemistry, Columbia University

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Research Interests


   1.    2.    3.    4.

1. Single fluorescent sensor probes in a polymer thin-film

2. Emission spectra of Single Quantum Dots on glass substrate

3. Dynamics and mobility of single-molecules in polymer thin-films

4. Visualizing DNA-Protein interac-tions in solution



  1. "An approach to estimate local distribution of analytes within individual cells demonstrated using spectrally resolved fluorescence microscopy of a colorimetric sensor", Sharma, D.K; Basu, S.K; Madhu, S; Ravikanth, M; Jadhav, S; Chowdhury, A; To be submitted.

  2. "Spatiotemporal heterogeneity during plasticization of poly(vinylpyrrolidone) thin-films at low ambient humidity as revealed by the rotational dynamics of single-molecule probes" Bhattacharya, S; Sharma, D.K.; De, S; Chowdhury, A; To be submitted

  3. "A strategy to enhance emission properties of rare-earth ions doped ZnO nanorods in Sub-10 nm diameter regime" Layek, A; Banerjee, S; Manna, B; Chowdhury, A; Submitted (2015)

  4. "Fluorescent Probe for Detection of Cyanide Ion in Aqueous Medium: Cellular Uptake and Assay for ßGlucosidase and Hydroxynitrile Lyase", Agarwalla, H; Gangopadhyay, M; Sharma, D.K; Basu, S.K; Jadhav, S; Chowdhury, A; Das, A; Submitted (2015)

  5. ¬ďHeterogeneity in optical properties of a near white-light emitting Eu(III) chelate as revealed by spectroscopy at the sub-ensemble level" Irfanullah, M; Sharma, D.K; Ramya C; Layek, A; De, S; Chowdhury, A; Submitted (2015)

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