Anindya Datta


Room 206, Chemistry Bldg.
+91 22 2576 7149
Educational Background:

Ph.D., Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata
M. Sc.,  University of Calcutta
B.Sc., Presidency College, Kolkata

Professional Experience:

Post Doc  Iowa State University Scientific Officer (Biomedical Application Section, CAT, Indore).
Assistant Professor, IIT Bombay (2002)
Associate Professor, IIT Bombay (2007) 
Professor, IIT Bombay (2012)

Research Interest:

Our group is involved in the study of ultrafast dynamics and its applications in chemistry and biology. Specific areas in which we work and are interested in working are:

Excited state dynamics of novel fluorophores
Time resolved spectroscopic investigation of microheterogeneous media
Ultrafast molecular devices
Luminescenct nanostructures
Fluorescence sensing of biophysically relevant analytes

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