Programe Details :


Eligibility :

Students should have a high rank in GATE/CSIR-UGC NET or 2 years of work experience.  Interested students should apply against the advertisement for admission to the Ph.D. program at IIT Bombay. Advertisements will appear twice a year (April and October) in major national dailies and IIT website. Interviews will be conducted at the department for final shortlisting.

Faculty Advisors :

Prof. Sandip Kar, DPGC secretary

Course Details :

The course requirements for Ph.D. are 34 credits. These comprise of compulsory courses (10 credits) and specialized courses (24 credits). The specialized courses can be selected from a basket of Ph.D. level courses. Students also have the option of taking M.Sc. courses (max. 2) at the 500 level for the specialized courses.