CH 510 : Heterocyclic chemistry


  1. Introduction to heterocyclics and their importance.
  2. Nomenclature of ring systems: (a) Trivial System (b) Replacement system (c) Fusion system, (d)  Hantzsch-Widman nomenclature
  3. Structure, reactivity and synthesis of reduced three membered Heterocycles: (a) Oxirane: Sharpless method, Shi epoxidation, Jacobsen epoxidation, etc, (b) Thiirane (c) Aziridine.
  4. Structure, reactivity and synthesis of reduced four membered Heterocycles: (b) Oxetane (b) Thietane (c) Azetine
  5. Structure, reactivity and synthesis of reduced five membered Heterocycles: (a) Pyrrole: Paal Knorr, Hantzsch Methods, etc, (b)Thiophene: Paal Knorr, Hinsberg method, etc. (c) Furan: Paal Knorr, Fiest-Benary, Industrial Method, etc.; (d) Pyrazole, Imidazole, Oxazole, Thiazole, (e) Synthesis using modern methods
  6. Structure, reactivity and synthesis of reduced Six membered Heterocycles: (a) Pyridine: Synthesis, heterynes, pyridones, N-oxides
  7. Aromatic heterocyclics: a) Indole: Fischer indole synthesis, Bischler synthesis, Madelung synthesis,   Domino and cascade methods of indole synthesis, (b) Quinoline and Isoquinoline, (c) Coumarins and Chromones
  8. Polyhetero ring systems: Click chemistry in heterocycle synthesis
  9. Synthesis of selected heterocylic natural products
  10. Some modern methods of heterocycle synthesis with emphasis on organometallic reagents

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