CH 507 : Methods in Organic Synthesis


Reaction vs synthetic method; metal atom functionality in organometallic reactions, organometallics as protecting and stabilizing groups, palladium catalyzed reactions, Heck reaction, cross coupling reactions (Suzuki, Stille, Negishi, Kumada, Hiyama, Sonogashira, Buchwald-Hartwig), Fischer carbenes, Schrock carbenes, Olefin metathesis, various types of metathesis and application to organic synthesis, Dotz benzoannulation, Pauson-Khand reaction, [2+2+2] cycloadditions, Grignard reactions, Rieke magnesium, 1,2 vs 1, 4-addition, cerium reagents, copper reagents, homocuprates, lower order cuprates, higher order cuprates, chromium arene complexes and reactions, McMurry coupling, role of silicon in organic synthesis, origin and consequence of alpha effect and beta effect involving silicon compounds, role of silicon in few name reactions. Some selected natural and non-natural product synthesis involving these reactions.
Concise introduction to asymmetric synthesis, detailed discussion on resolution, chiral auxiliaries, chiral ligands, chiral catalysts and organocatalysts with specific examples.Introduction to domino/tandem/cascade reaction concepts with selected examples

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