CH 546 : Bioorganic Chemistry


Aminoacids, peptides and proteins: Amino acids: structure, acid-base chemistry, and chemical synthesis; peptide bond formation and coupling reagents-carbodiimides and phosphonium reagents; orthogonal protecting groups; solid-phase peptide synthesis: (Fmoc/Boc strategies); native peptide ligation; cyclic peptides; amino acid analysis and peptide sequencing; brief introduction to ribosomal protein synthesis; combinatorial chemistry; enzyme chemistry: proteases and phosphotases; proteins as drug targets.


Carbohydrates: Introduction to carbohydrates; structure, configuration and conformation; common protecting groups and protecting group strategies; glycosylation: general concepts, various methods of glycoside bond formation; strategies in oligosaccharide synthesis: automated and enzymatic approaches; glycoconjugates: glycolipids and glycoproteins; fundamentals of glycobiology; tools for glycomics; carbohydrate based drug discovery.

Nucleosides, nucleotides and nucleic acids: Introduction to nucleic acids: biological importance, discovery, structure; chemical synthesis of nucleosides and protecting groups for nucleobase, sugar and phosophates; solution and solid phase synthesis of oligonucleotides: phosphotriester, H-phosphonate and phosphoramidite strategies; DNA Processing Enzymes: DNA polymerases, ligases, restriction endonucleases, PCR; enzymatic synthesis of nucleic acids; principle behind sequencing; nucleic acid as drug targets; quadruplex nucleic acids; nucleic acids based enzymes: ribozymes, DNA enzymes and riboswitches; nucleic acid based therapeutic strategies: antisense, RNA interference and aptamers; DNA damage and repair.

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