Make and Model: 
Bruker (Germany) Avance III HD
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is used to study 1. Molecular conformation in solution II) Quantitative analysis of mixtures containing known compounds III) Determining the content and purity of a sample IV) Through space connectivity (overhauser effect)
• Magnet : Bruker AscendTM 500 • Probe : Tuneable Multinuclear Probes (1H, 11B, 13C, 31P, 19F , 77Se , 125Te , 199Hg) • Bruker NMR software : Topspin 2.1 • Variable temperature capability (-40 to +60° C) • Various 2D experiments
Available mode of use: 

• Solid
• Liquid


Room no: CL 16, Ground floor
Department: Chemical engineering, IIT Bombay

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022-25764181 Narendra/Niteen
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Prof. S. J. Gharpure (
Prof. Suvarn Kulkarni (