Make and Model: 
Quantum Design U.S.A. and Japan MPMS XL
Superconducting quantum interference device is a very sensitive magnetometer used to measure the magnetic moment of a sample even if the amount is very less and low moment.
• Equipped with superconducting magnet (7 Tesla). • Operating working temperature range 2-300 K. • Direct current and alternating current magnetic susceptibility can be measured. • Equipped with iHelium 3 set-up to measure the magnetic susceptibility of a sample in ultra-low temperatures (300 mK to 350 K) • Equipped with Fibre optic sample holder (FOSH) for measuring the magnetic moment of a sample in the excited state through the excitation of Xenon lamp. • Single crystal rotor is available for measuring the magnetic susceptibility of a single crystal.
Available mode of use: 

• Solid
• Liquid


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Department: Physics, IIT Bombay

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