Make and Model: 
Horiba Scientific Instrument /Fluoromax-4
The Fluorescence Spectrophotometer offers the ultimate sensitivity in fluorescence or emission profile of the complex under investigation. The instrument is easy to use and is controlled by FluorEssence software with Origin embedded for sophisticated data analysis.
• The sample is illuminated by a 150 W xenon (ozone-free lamp) with continuous output. • The excitation monochrometer has an optical range of 220 – 600 nm blazed at 330 nm. • The emission monochromator has an optical range of 290 – 850 nm blazed at 500 nm. • The slit widths may be continuously adjusted though the software from 0 - 30 nm bandpass. • The FluoroMax 4 has two detectors. 1. Calibrated photodiode reference detector to correct for intensity and temporal fluctuations in the source during excitation scans. 2. R928P red-sensitive PMT used in photon counting mode.
Available mode of use: 
  • Solids
  • Liquids
  • Powders and thin films
  • 3D excitation/emission scans
  • Contour mapping
  • Kinetic scans

Room: 370, Central Facility, Chemistry Building

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