NOST Industry Academia Conclave

13 Sep 2022
SJMSOM , EMBA Hall, 4th floor

About Industry-Academia-NOST Conclave

Though Organic Chemistry Conferences and J-NOST meetings are being held regularly, NOST trustees and Council members felt that an Industry-Academia-NOST Conclave should be organized to facilitate and promote the interaction between academia and industry. So, the first such conclave will be held at EMBA Hall at SOM, IIT Bombay during September 13-14, 2022. About 60 participants (25 chemists from industry, 25 organic chemists from academia, NOST trustees and council members) are invited to attend this meeting. There will be 2 special lectures (1 each from academia and industry) which will focus on

  1. Sustainability-Major Challenges and Opportunities for Chemical Industries in 21st Century.
  2. Bridging the gap between Academia and Chemical Industry through Open Innovation.

Further, there will be 22 lectures of 20 minutes each from leading experts from industry and academia focusing on future challenges. The speakers from Industry are expected to discuss about creating opportunities for potential collaboration with academia. Secretary-DST, Secretary-SERB and PiC-SINE shall speak about various funding opportunities available for such collaboration.

Krishna P Kaliappan
Industry-Academia-NOST Conclave

Local Organising Committee :
Prof. Santosh J. Gharpure
Prof. Chandra M.R. Volla
Prof. Nandita Madhavan

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