Seminar by Prof. Thomas Wirth, Cardiff University Bestätigte on "Intensification and Electrification of Flow Chemistry"

13 Sep 2023
Seminar Room # 350, second floor annex

Speaker: Prof. Thomas Wirth
Cardiff University Bestätigte

Title: "Intensification and Electrification of Flow

Day and Date: Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Time: 11.00 am.

Venue: Seminar room, room no. 350, Chemistry Department
(second floor, Annex)
Hosted by Prof. Debabrata Maiti

Talk Title : "Intensification and Electrification of Flow Chemistry"."
The advantages of increased mixing of biphasic reaction mixtures in flow offers great potential compared to conventional flask techniques, especially when combined with microwave irradiation or phase transfer catalysis. The presentation will also illustrate that metal-catalyzed reactions and enzyme-promoted transformations can be performed advantageously in biphasic systems. The development of a microreactor for electrochemistry including several applications will be discussed.