18 May 2018
IIT Bombay



Basic Science and Engineering Camp for High School Girls

18th May 2018 - 7th June 2018

Venue - IIT Bombay



o  The aim of the camp is to enhance the awareness pertaining to science and engineering professions.

o  A series of inspirational, content based motivational lectures as well as hands on laboratory training in select arenas of science and technology will be undertaken by professors.

o  A glimpse into the potential career possibilities and paths in this arena will be highlighted that aids them to pave a future in this fields.

o  Selected women scientists in the area of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering will be invited to deliver lectures both content and motivational based.

o  To augment the experience their will also be educational and fun outing, educational media screening events.

o  The whole program will be completely residential (IITB) so that the feel of an academic environment is imbibed.

o   Selected 30 girl students will receive Rs. 5,000/- each as scholarship.

o  At the end of the program an open house session will be held where parents will be invited so as to include them in the future development of the student.


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