Departmental webinar on "Process Intensification Via Continuous Flow Chemistry" by Prof. Anil Kumar, Department of Chemistry, IIT Bombay.

12 Jun 2020
Department of Chemistry
Talk Title : "Process Intensification Via Continuous Flow Chemistry"
Process intensification is an important part of developing any chemical synthesis either in research laboratory or in a production setup. It greatly enhances the quality of the process and makes it amenable for large-scale production. Though, it is very simple to implement, it has been largely ignored in the academic setups. Continuous flow chemistry (CFC) provides a simple and effective tool for process intensification. CFC is also a potential alternative to batch synthesis because of its inherent advantages such as very efficient heat exchange, high batch to batch reproducibility, fast mixing, high throughput, safety, and the ability to do multistep telescoping synthesis. Due to these advantages, CFC processes have been referred to as the most promising “Green Technology”. In fact, CFC processes are projected to be at the heart of “CHEMICAL FACTORIES” of tomorrow. In this presentation, I will discuss what is process intensification and continuous flow chemistry followed by the importance/relevance of continuous flow chemistry in process intensification.