Sanjog S. Nagarkar

Assistant Professor

, Room 430, Chemistry Bldg.
+91 22 2576 7190
Educational Background:

Ph.D., Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune

M.Sc., University of Pune, Pune

B.Sc., Fergusson College, University of Pune, Pune

Professional Experience:

JSPS Post-doc, iCeMS, Kyoto University, Japan (2015)

AIST Post-doc, ChEM-OIL, Kyoto University, Japan (2017)

Marie Curie (MC-IF) Post-doc, University of Cambridge, UK (2020 Declined)

Assistant Professor, IIT Bombay (June 2020 - )

Research Interest:

Our research group focuses on the designed assembly of molecular materials glued by dynamic coordination bonds eg. Coordination Cages and Coordination Polymers (CPs). We employ chemical diversity of metals and ligands to manipulate the molecular assembling process and dynamic properties of these materials. Particularly we are interested in phase transition and local structural dynamics in these materials to develop novel chemically tunable hybrid glasses and liquids for energy and environmental applications.

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Satoshi Horike,* Sanjog S. Nagarkar, Tomohiro Ogawa, Susumu Kitagawa*
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Tomohiro Ogawa, Kazuki Takahashi, Sanjog S. Nagarkar, Koji Ohara, You-lee Hong, Yusuke Nishiyama, Satoshi Horike*
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Ming-Shui Yao, Jia-Jia Zheng, Ai-Qian Wu, Gang Xu, Sanjog S. Nagarkar, Gen Zhang, Masahiko Tsujimoto, Shigeyoshi Sakaki, Satoshi Horike, Kenichi Otake,* and Susumu Kitagawa*
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2020, 59, 172-176.

Sanjog S. Nagarkar, Haruna Kurasho, Nghia Tuan Duong, Yusuke Nishiyama,* Susumu Kitagawa, Satoshi Horike*
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