Rajarshi Chakrabarti


Room 408B, Chemistry Bldg.
+91 22 2576 7192
Educational Background:

Ph.D., Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
M. Sc., University of Calcutta
B.Sc., Scottish Church College, University of Calcutta

Professional Experience:

Post-doc, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA
Post-doc, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Assistant Professor, IIT Bombay (2013)
Associate Professor, IIT Bombay (2016)

Professor, IIT Bombay (2021)

Research Interest:

We cherish in developing statistical mechanical models and applying them to investigate a wide range of interesting problems in physical chemistry, chemical physics, biology-inspired physics and soft condensed matter. We are also interested in theoretical aspects of statistical mechanics. As tools we use analytical techniques (pen & paper theory) and computer simulations.

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